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Are you tired of watching less talented and less driven people:

  • Getting ahead of you in this industry...
  • Getting the funding you deserve...
  • Landing the roles you’re ready to land...
  • Working with the people you aim to work with… 

You feel like your film career is lagging behind and spend your days oscillating between hope and frustration as you toil to grasp the dream you set out to achieve when you started your creative entrepreneur journey.

There are three reasons you don’t have the career you want:

1 You don't have clear & actionable vision and goals for your career

2 Your personal & professional brands don't align with that vision

3 You're not taking massive action daily to support your goals

And, YOU (<--yes, you!) can develop these three areas to achieve a tremendous breakthrough in your career!

You WILL walk out with a career vision, a roadmap for success, and an action plan to achieve it!

*payment plan available*

Hi, I'm Joanna Bowzer,

For the past 15 years - in addition to successfully making movies and creating immersive experiences across the globe - I’ve been consulting with creative artists and entrepreneurs, helping them create real and lasting results for themselves, for their projects and for their companies through:

  • Developing their specific vision & goals
  • Working with them to develop personal and professional/company brands
  • Coaching them in taking massive action to achieve extraordinary results

Time and again, I’ve had folks request a program where I teach them everything I’ve learned by being in the trenches and succeeding.

And now, I’ve packed my knowledge, experience, and frameworks into a tangible, action-packed 12-week course. 

I’ve worked with: 

  • World-renowned composers, filmmakers, dancers, 
  • Creative arts companies and talent agencies,
  • Mindfulness and wellness businesses and their founders,
  • Digital content and Tech start-ups and their founders.

And, I’ve walked them all through my unique and powerful Vision.Position.Expand. process, creating their vision and plans for the next decade. 

NOW, It’s your turn!

Erin Zapcic

"After doing the (very very) truncated version of this work at FilmmakeHers I knew I wanted to work deeper with Joanna and I'm so glad I made this investment. This was a truly lovely group of folks and I feel like we all had some really great breakthroughs. Can't wait to see what we all do from here as we continue to do this work!"

-Erin Zapcic,

Actress, Writer, Producer

"Part of me was hesitant to take the course because I've done so many branding-type workshops before, and the main reason I did it was because I desperately needed something to jumpstart me out of probably the worst year of my life, and I saw the post for it at just the right time. But I'm so glad that I did take it because the program is so smart, fresh, and supportive in a way that's really unique and stands out from the other branding workshops marketed to actors."

-Ayelette Robinson

Actor, Producer,

In YOUR Vision.Position.Expand. Career & Project Accelerator YOU WILL:

Experience a massive shift in your mindset so that you can access your unique vision for your future both personally AND professionally!

Receive and integrate a proven blueprint - one you can use time and again for future projects as well - to shape your vision into a specific roadmap of goals & milestones and design a path to achieve them!

Learn THE missing link in crafting your personal brand in a way that has you stand out from the crowd while capturing the attention of casting directors, managers, agents and other potential collaborators

Learn a NEW PROCESS for expanding our career through expanding your ability to have conversations that leave people saying yes. That’s right - people will have to say ‘yes’ to YOU!

Get a new, diverse community of content creators - directors, producers, actors, and more - for accountability, support, and networking as you continue through your career, one that will empower you into the future.

Create EXPANDED results for yourself and your career driving more opportunities, more income, and more freedom now and into the future.

You’re ready for the Vision.Position.Expand. Accelerator if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

Are you ready to level-up your career - from how you network to who you network with - so that you are working on bigger & bigger projects?

Do you have a unique vision for your career and your projects that you are stifling because you think you need to to get ahead?

Have you run into a wall with your career and know you need a new boost to take it to the next phase?

Are you ready to give up survival jobs that take your attention away from what matters most to you in your personal life & your professional life?

Your Vision.Position.Expand. 12-Week Career & Project Accelerator includes:

✔️  Access to my exclusive Vision.Position.Expand process to accelerate your career from an authentic, purpose-driven context.

✔️   Weekly group coaching calls for the duration of the 12-week program.


✔️  Accountability through weekly partner support calls with members of the community. 

✔️  Access to our premium community through a private Facebook group.

✔️  Weekly Q&A “office hours” inside the Facebook group  where you’ll get answers to your specific, tactical questions while getting that extra punch of inspiration and support.

✔️  Direct email support throughout the 12-Week Program

In addition to the above, you'll receive these bonuses!

Making BOLD Requests: In your Projects, your Career, and Your Life!

My road-tested - 15-years of testing, that is - process for having highly-effective ‘Conversations for YES!’ so you are able to reach out and connect with anyone to facilitate your career.



The Productivity Paradigm for Creative Professionals

A system designed to transform how you evaluate your day-to-day actions and projects so you are able to focus on what really matters to you most. Stop focusing on what doesn’t serve you and start putting your attention on what fulfills you most!



Working Backwards to Move Forward Masterclass & Planner

The ‘Working Backwards to Move Forward’ LIVE Master Class with Ally Iseman + a digital planner to support you in designing your day-to-day to fulfill your ultimate career goals.