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"The 'Re-Engage. Re-Invision. Restart.' guide is such a simple tool with truly empowering results. 
Everything in the first half of my 2020 was constantly shifting, which caused me to lose sight of my focus, project priorities, and why I had even started down certain paths in the first place. Working through Joanna’s guide is so encouraging it feels like she is in the room with you, helping you see the blindspots in what you are attempting to achieve. I can confidently say, no matter where you are in your process, you will leave your experience of using the guide with clarity around your goals and a set of specific steps to make them a reality."

Peter Berube - Actor/Writer

Download Re-Engage. Re-Envision. Restart. Now!

Hi, I'm Joanna Bowzer,
Founder of Film Launch

When you’re a content entrepreneur -- whether a filmmaker, writer or actor -- you are someone who creates impactful experiences for your audiences, and here at Film Launch we honor and celebrate you and the work you do!

But, with the world still in chaos, and many projects in flux, you may find you’re having trouble even finding the motivation to do the work you know deep down you’re meant to do.

This is why we developed this FREE guide to support the community of content creators whose voices we champion and whose work matters.

I hope that it will help give you a jumpstart if you're stuck OR accelerate your year if you aren't so that we can see the amazing work you're creating during this time come to light as the world moves forward.