How to Get More Followers!
Instagram for Actors & Filmmakers

with Cassidy Davis

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to learn how to effectively use Instagram so you can craft your top-notch profile & bio, generate a plan to grow your community, engage them authentically, and ultimately use the platform to elevate your creative career.

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Hey there, Creative Entrepreneur! You’ve made your way here if:

  • You want to get more followers and create a way to engage them authentically.
  • You know you need a strategy but don’t know where to start
  • You feel like everyone knows something you don’t about how to get more followers
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the information out there.

BUT don't worry. It IS possible to develop an effective Instagram strategy *and* have fun implementing it!

Instagram for Actors & Filmmakers will exponentially increase your understanding of the most visual social media platform and teach you to use it effectively to build relationships AND promote your work!

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With Instagram for Actors & Filmmakers YOU WILL:

Gain a greater understanding of Instagram and how to navigate the ever-changing landscape!

Discover how to really set-up your profile for success and how to post effectively so you truly engage your followers.

Learn 15 proven GROWTH strategies for expanding your audience organically! (And yes, I'll tell you why organic growth is important.)

Take an in-depth look at the 9 THINGS your Instagram account NEEDS TO HAVE in order to find and MAINTAIN the growth you’re looking for!

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Hi, I’m Cassidy Davis.

I am a producer, actor, and CEO of my own boutique social media marketing agency, Nash Media.We help independent clients all over the country manage and grow their online businesses. I started Nash Media because I saw too many businesses not taking advantage of the amazing benefits that an effective social media strategy can provide. I want to help you not only love social media, but use it in the most effective way for your business or brand.

I get it… social media can be really frustrating and managing your own social media profiles can be overwhelming! That’s why I started this company: to help my clients excel in the ever-changing world of social media.

Since its founding, Nash Media has grown exponentially, and now my team and I work with clients all over the world to develop and execute effective content, growth, and engagement strategies.

From one-on-one consulting where we help you build effective content strategies, to managing your accounts for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business, to providing you with online classes to teach you everything you need to know… we are here to help YOU!

Let’s go!

After 15 years in corporate America, this training was the most useful and immediately applicable digital/social training I've seen. When starting up my new brand, I will use all these lessons!

-Sharon M

Cassidy is both expert and approachable. She gives you real tools that you can use now, today, right after logging off. Social Media is this bear of the unknown for most people, and Cassidy's course both demystifies and empowers! Actors, creators, business owners: give her a call.

-Kayla M

I thought this was an excellent way to learn the foundation of building a strong social media following. Cassidy provides tips on how to organically grow your social media following and as well as great insight whether you are a business or looking to expand your personal brand. I left the class with a ton of information on how I can improve my IG page and take proven strategies to help elevate my online engagement.

-Mariscela M

Cassidy somehow takes the vast knowledge of "millennial" tech and breaks it down into clear, "average-joe" terms. This class will help you find the best tools to advertise yourself or your brand on social media. Whether it's for personal use or business, she covers it all! Five stars!

-Jim K

All of the elements of the Instagram for Actors and Filmmakers course are valued at $1497.

This includes:

  • 60+ Training Videos
  • Your How to Gain Instagram Followers Workbook
  • Access to our Film Launch Promotional Pods
  • Once monthly AMA community calls to address your unique social media questions

But for this course, I'm offering all of the above for a one-time payment of $97.

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Your Instagram for Actors & Filmmakers Course includes:

  • 60+ Videos diving deep into the ins and outs of Instagram growth and engagement.
  • Modules on building your profile, IGTV, Highlights, Stories, and Hashtags including best practices on how to use them to really grow your profile.
  • Access to my exclusive process to organically grow your Instagram audience from an authentic, on-brand context.
  • 15 proven growth strategies that you can start implementing right away.
  • A monthly community Q&A where I answer your most pressing questions.

Yes! I'm ready to level-up my social media presence, get more followers and FINALLY use Instagram to boost my career effectively.

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