Indie Film Development Intensive

with Naomi McDougall Jones

An on-demand, self-paced program designed to give you the tools you need to make your film dream a reality!

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Your Mission -- if you choose to accept it -- is to elevate your understanding of the business of making an indie film and to craft the financing, casting, development and distribution plans and related pitch materials you need to pull your film into reality.

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You did it! You’ve got a screenplay. You’re ready to go, but…


How on Earth are you going to make this film happen?

How do you:
  • Raise the money 
  • Build the team 
  • Get the cast that will help sell the film to audiences
  • Did I mention, "raise the money?"

Why did they not teach us this in film school?!?

Most people think that to get your project made you have to have the following:

  • A big bank account (or access to people with big bank accounts)
  • A Hollywood network
  • An agent
  • A top producer or production company

While these are certainly helpful, they are not required to succeed in getting your project off the ground (thank goodness!).

So, you may be asking:

What do I need to have to get my project made? And made in such a way that I’ll be excited to share with audiences? 

The answer:

Your unique creative vision, clear information, an entrepreneurial plan of action, and the team and materials to bring that plan into reality.

I’m Ready! Show Me How to Get My Film Off the Ground!

Hi, I’m Naomi McDougall Jones.

Over the past twelve years, I’ve successfully written and produced independent film projects, taking them from an idea all the way to playing in front of audiences (and winning some awards along the way). I did that without that big bank account, an agent, or Hollywood connections. 

Seriously, I’m from a small town in Colorado. I didn’t know anyone in the industry and only moved to NYC because my 13-year-old best friend told me that that’s where “real actresses” lived.  Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those stories where you later find out I have a trust fund (ooohhhh how I wish I had a trust fund…).

To find out all of the information I now use and teach, I spent years (and I mean years) having conversations with hundreds of people -- producers, investors, filmmakers, distributors -- asking them this central question, “How do you actually pull a film into existence?” 

Our industry tries to make the answer to that question seem like some mystical combination of rocket science and alchemy, but I knew it couldn’t be. It had to be knowable.

So, I kept asking questions and have spent nearly a decade scraping together the answers anywhere I could find them. Ever since I started knowing answers, I’ve been asked by other filmmakers to share my knowledge and experience with them as they put together their projects. 

I’ve always shared because I don’t think it should take ten years to learn these fundamentals.

So it is with utter joy that I’ve put together my knowledge, experience, and hard-won lessons into a powerful Indie Film Development Intensive designed to break down all the information and support YOU in making the dream of your film a reality!

Erin Zapcic

"Everything Naomi covered was invaluable. Her practical film finance class was comprehensive and each concept was broken down and explained clearly. I came in mystified about film financing, and left with the knowledge and skills to write my own financing plan!"

Deboleena Maitra

"Naomi has a wealth of knowledge of how this industry works and an incredible teaching energy that makes you feel like wherever you are at with your project or in your career, you are in the exact right place. She reminds you that filmmaking is accessible, community-based, and navigable with transparency and an openness that is rare in this business."

Jeanette Bonner

"The Indie Development Intensive exceeded my expectations. Naomi shares her expertise with generosity and total transparency and delivers all of the practical tools and information needed to begin seeking investors."

- Jennifer Rau

The film projects that I’ve watched not happen have almost never not happened because of a lack of talent or brilliance in the creator. Your screenplay probably IS as amazing as you think! So are you!

The problem is that far, FAR too many filmmakers have bought into the notion that if they are brilliant or talented enough that some Shiny Person will swoop in, “choose them,” and make all of their cinematic dreams come true without said filmmaker ever having to get their hands dirty with things like film finance, investment offers, and distribution.

For a VERY tiny percentage of filmmakers that is a thing that happens (although, let’s be real, most of those filmmakers have significant industry connections and/or trust funds...and are also most often straight, white, cis, able-bodied men), but for everybody else, there are no shortcuts. 

Stop waiting for someone to choose you.
Choose yourself.

In your Indie Film Development Intensive you will:

Craft a compelling logline and synopsis for your film that will grab the reader’s attention AND leave them asking for more!

Create your business plan and investor packet designed to clearly communicate the offer and value of the project to potential financiers and partners.

Develop a look book that captures the story, imagery, creative vision and experience that you seek to evoke with your project.

Develop a deep understanding of film financing and a plan to raise $$ for this AND future projects.

Learn the ins/outs of the film festival and distribution landscape while crafting an initial plan for your project -- one you can start implementing before production.

Craft a polished "elevator pitch" for the project AND develop an understanding of how to pitch in a long form setting with financiers.

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You’re ready for the Indie Film Development Intensive if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

Are you a content creator in the process of making your first feature film or leveling up your game leading into your second feature film?

Do you have a fully completed screenplay and are ready to begin the development process?

Is your screenplay or project truly independent, i.e. you are looking to raise the money and produce the project yourself or with a team you build?

Are you ready to dig into an in-depth process that will help you build THE key elements to take your film project to the next phase?

Your Indie Film Development Intensive includes:

  • Access to my exclusive process for crafting your plan, pitch, and portfolio of materials so you can start raising money for your film within the next eight weeks. All videos are available immediately upon registering.
  • Worksheets to help you along the way and apply the principles and ideas I teach to your own project.
  • Membership in the premium Indie Film Development community through a private Facebook group.
  • Monthly Q&A “office hours” inside the Facebook group where you’ll get answers to your specific, tactical questions while getting that extra punch of inspiration and support.

All of the elements of the Indie Film Development Intensive are valued at $1497.

This includes:

  • 40+ training videos
  • Your complete Indie Film Development course workbook
  • Monthly office hours in the private Facebook community for ongoing inspiration and support

But to make this accessible to all, myself and Film Launch are proud to offer it to you for a one-time payment of just $247!

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