Do you ask yourself-

What do I need to have to get my project made and made in a way that I will be excited to show it to audiences around the globe?

The answer-

Your unique creative vision, information demystified, an entrepreneurial plan of action, and the team and materials to bring that plan into reality.

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As Ernest Hemingway famously said, 
“The first draft of anything is shit.” 

That is true.
 It is also true that the first draft is the thing that you must do, well, first - before you can begin the process of turning your screenplay from a piece of creative inspiration into something worthy, honed, and filmable.

Write Your Feature Film (or TV Pilot) in 8 Weeks supported by screenwriter and producer, Naomi McDougall Jones.

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30Scripts in 30Days Writers Challenge

A 30-day program to transform your writing!

You CAN reconnect with your passion, your voice, and your love of writing.
(it’s still there, promise!)

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The SOAR+ Action process is a strategic planning and goal setting tool that focuses on your current strengths + vision for the future as a foundation for leveling up your career!

It is rooted in the foundation of “Appreciative Inquiry” turning the focus toward building on strengths rather than fixing problems. Said another way, we’re going to enhance you do well and build on that powerfully!

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You have the script.
You have the drive.

Now all you have to do to bring your film to life is to raise the money and make movie magic.

Sounds complicated, right?
It's not!

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