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We Cultivate Content Entrepreneurs

With 1:1 coaching and mentorship designed to address your specific needs, think of us as doulas for your creative destiny. The Film Launch team is here to help you craft your next great idea, guide you into that career breakthrough, and support and/or guide you to overcome that nagging hurdle that’s been preventing your greatest outcome.

We will help you formulate and execute a personalized plan with ongoing 1:1 support throughout the process. You will be paired with the perfect Expert from our Film Launch roster who has the experience and expertise to address your unique needs. And since you’re coaching through Film Launch, your Expert will also have access to the rest of our roster to address specific issues that may come up along the way and require more comprehensive attention from the group.

We create coaching packages for the following:

  • Film/Content Marketing Coaching
  • Personal Branding Coaching
  • Get Rep’d Coaching
  • Filmmaker Career Dev Coaching
  • Get Shit Done Coaching

...and more!

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