Practical Film Finance 101

Understanding Types of Film Finance + Designing Your Plan
Led by Naomi McDougall Jones

You have the script. You have the drive. Now all you have to do to bring your film to life is to raise the money and make movie magic.
Sounds complicated, right? It's not!

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What's Included in Practical Film Finance 101

Practical Film Finance 101 is your guide to finally understanding the financing structures you're likely to come across and will be asked about during the fundraising process.

This mini-course includes:

  • An in-depth video training from Naomi McDougall Jones breaking down the key types of film finance that you may come across when raising the money for your film. 
  • A practical application workbook to support you as you outline how the financing structures may impact your project.
  • Forever access to these items through your Film Launch Library

This Program is Perfect for:

  • Indie Producers looking to brush up their film finance knowledge
  • Writers, Directors and other Creatives who want to deepen their understanding of the business of filmmaking and fundraising
  • Creative Producers putting together the financing strategy for their next project
  • New indie film investors looking for broad strokes about film finance

Remember! You have the script. You have the drive. Now it's time to bring your film to life and raise the money so you can make movie magic. 

Let's Go!
I'm Ready to Dive in to Practical Film Finance 101!

Hello Creative Entrepreneur!

I've been you. I've been there with my script and my team, putting together the financing for my indie project. And it doesn't have to be complicated!

Over the decade+ I've produced a number of feature films and started The 51 Fund, an investment fund for female-directed films.

As I've gone through this journey, I kept asking questions and have spent nearly a decade scraping together the answers anywhere I could find them.

Ever since I started knowing answers, I’ve been asked by other filmmakers to share my knowledge and experience with them as they put together their projects.

I’ve always shared because I don’t think it should take ten years to learn these fundamentals.

I'm thrilled to break down Film Finance for you in this course.

Take the time to go through the video and fill out the workbook and come back as often as you like as you put together the money to pull your film into existence.

I can't wait to see what you create!

-Naomi McDougall Jones
Storyteller & Changemaker