A challenge for writers in all career stages.

No kidding!

Take a moment and imagine.

You wake up each morning, eagerly turn on your computer or grab your notepad, and you churn out story after story, scene after scene of elegant, high-quality writing with no effort, all inspiration.

Are you thinking: ‘yeah right?’

Most mornings you wake-up, rub your eyes and plod your way to your desk, wrestling with yourself (and all of those life distractions) as you gather up your get-up-and-go to do the work.

And, boy is it work!

Wish you could get back to that fun, imaginative energy that had you fall in love with writing in the first place?

Most people think that all you need to do to write is WRITE! And, sure, there’s truth to that, but ‘just do it’ is only part of the battle. 
And, frankly, don’t you want to roll your eyes at folks who say (with pompous dismissal): “Just put the time in your schedule and then do it!” (as if that’s the only thing keeping you blocked)

There are THREE reasons your writing process is stale:

1 You’ve let perfection paralysis stop you from playing in the possibilities and you’re not sure what to do about it.

You’ve made a career of working on other people’s shows, books, projects, publications and you’ve forgotten your own individual voice.

3 You find that life and other ‘excuses’ get in the way of you sitting down at your desk and you don’t know what to do about it.

Creativity can’t flourish when constricted by expectation.
Curiosity and play is the door to artistic fulfillment.

You CAN reconnect with your passion, your voice and your love of writing.

(it’s still there, promise!)

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Hi, we’re Ally and Joanna, the founders of Film Launch.

We started Film Launch because we believe that YOU (yes, you!) are one of the most important people in the world - a content entrepreneur - whose ideas and voice can help shape the future of our society.

Okay, we know, that’s a BIG thing to say, but as they saying goes: we are what we eat, and that goes with entertainment content as well.

Now, don’t worry, we believe that all genres and story expressions are valid so don’t go thinking we want you to start writing warm and fuzzy feely films or anything. But we do want you to connect with your authentic voice as a storyteller.

So, we’ve created this 30Scripts in 30Days program for you!

Here’s why:

Joanna Bowzer

Joanna's Story

In 2010, I had come off a screenwriting job, delivering a charming, funny rom com… This was after another script had placed well in a big screenwriting competition.

I was feeling good, ready for my next creative project, but then something happened-

I was unable to find any inspiration. AT ALL.
It was a dry well.

I knew I had to shake things up. AND that I needed some accountability.

So I crafted a project: 30Scripts in 30Days. 

The rules were simple. Each day I:

  • had a different writing prompt - some that were in my wheelhouse and some that pushed me into new genres or styles.
  • had to wake up and craft the script with no pre-planning, drawing solely from the well of my imagination and observation.
  • had a group of my friends and family on Facebook waiting for the script I wrote which I had promised to post by midnight each day.

Some of the scripts were terrible! Some were only 1 page, all I could eek out in the midst of my full time job. But I did it-

And, something magical happened.

Three of those scripts (10% of them) were produced in New York.
One of the scripts was turned into a high-budget ($35,000) short film that I was able to direct.

And, less than a year after I completed the 30Scripts challenge, that short film was seen by a producer who hired me to direct my first feature film.

Ally's Story

In 2016, I awoke one night at 3am with the logline for my first pilot based on the experience of helping my dear grandmother cross over into death. I had no idea how to write a screenplay.

At the same time, many stories about women’s treatment in the workplace were starting to come out in the media. Things were allegedly starting to change. I was skeptical so I sent out an inquiry email to my network of women in film and television. I asked them to share with me their stories. 

I received a barrage of emails that showed me things were clearly not changing, at least not at a rate or level that was affecting women’s day-to-day working environment behind closed doors in the entertainment industry.

I HAD to do something with this information! So I started writing, even though I had decided I had no idea how to do that.

I churned out short form script after short form script while I plucked away at my “real pilot.” I considered these shorts to be simply a “writing exercise” to make me a better writer.

Well, that “writing exercise” turned into the first series I ever had produced! Flip The Script became Women In Film’s first original content and starred the likes of Lake Bell, Jeff Garlin, Amy Landecker, Michaela Watkins, Rob Huebel, and others no less! 

My “real pilot” got me my first representation as a writer, is being shopped around town, and even placed in the Top 3 on The Bitch List 2020! It is something I’m very proud of as it’s what got me started writing, but I learned to never underestimate the power of a writing exercise!

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✔️  1:1 email support as needed throughout your program.

You’ll also get these amazing bonuses!

  • Access to the 30Scripts in 30Days Facebook community with other writers from around the world.
  • Weekly live motivational lessons and Q&A sessions with us to support you as you go through your 30Day challenge.

As writing coaches we earn $250 per hour working 1:1 with writers like you, but we’re offering this month-long program for $147.

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The 30Scripts in 30Days program is perfect for:

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Mid-career writers who are looking for a boost to help them get unstuck OR to help then level up and expand their tool kit.

Veteran writers who want to get back to their true inspiration and creative voice.

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